This Halloween, Go All Out


Halloween has always been that uniquely eccentric time of the year where people really allow their creative juices to flow. It’s also that time of the year where many embrace the age-old horror culture, whether through house decoration or costume. And most notably, Halloween has been the holiday where the offensive has been given the exception- for decades.

Fastforward to 2016, and we can easily see exactly how much of that has changed, and how drastically. Now, the attempts to not offend a single person has gone overboard, and I mean really: Amazon recently pulled some Islamic costumes from their site after intense backlash (yet Catholic costumes are still availible). A university plans to lecture students (most likely to death) on “offensive” costumes and why they should keep away. Believe me when I say that there are many, seemingly endless examples of this nonsense, but I think you get the idea.

But the examples above are only a small portion of a big problem called “political correctness”. We have become utterly pre-occupied with this idea that absolutely nobody should be feeling offended because of anything- even a costume.

Wanna scare a snowflake? Start brewing up the most offensive costume you can even imagine. Don’t be afraid to appropriate cultures. The boring left has a tight death grip on Halloween unlike one we’ve ever seen, and like Nosferatu, drinks up the fun of the holiday specifically meant to scare and shock, by the neck.

“But Kelly, haven’t you ever seen an offensive costume?”

Well, of course. Everyone has. How we react to it is one thing. We can choose to move on with our lives, or we can throw a raging fit akin to a mental ward patient not getting his lunch on time. We can disagree on certain costumes but allow anyone to be adorned in it regardless. Or, we can force costume companies to pull them off the shelves, all because of “Ooh, I don’t like that!” Perhaps some companies are already PC and won’t have them anyway, but for those who aren’t interested in boring political correctness- let them do their own thing. Why interfere with their business like an unlikable nosy body?


The gracious and precious First Amendment has already made it clear to us that we have the right to offend and be offended, with not a single restriction. 


Halloween is the ultimate “safe-space holiday”, if you really think about it. Not everyone will be heeding the incessant begging coming from the PC universities and left-leaning snoozers. That means when the warbonnet-wearers, hijab-heads and any other fearless person steps out their door on Halloween night, they will be capable of clearing a street in under a minute, as people run for a safe space.

Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration. But take it from me, a Hispanic chick who has gone before as a geisha, a pirate, Cleopatra, and now as a demented ward nurse: wear whatever you want. I don’t mind if you go as a salsa dancer, a conquistador or even some Santeria witch doctor. The ability to offend with a costume is probably going to be scarier to snowflakes than walking through a horror attraction all alone.


And that’s the biggest fright of them all.



Author: Kelly Beruff

I write about politics, social issues and much more.

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